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Making your Stories
Better Heard

Are you designing the best eyewear out there, but having a hard time getting the word out? Is your precious time consumed by creating new frame designs, manufacturing, and oh yeah, actually selling and shipping your eyeglasses? So much, that you just can’t find the time, or the required know-how, to reach out to the optical arena, and make your message go public?

Then Private Eye is here for you!
Your Private Partner, to make your stories better heard!

Publicity done Privately

Private Eye PR Agency is run by former eyewear designer Maarten Weidema, who has designed frames for 65 brands over the last two decades. He is well known within the industry for his endeavor to promote independent eyewear design to his community of 300.000 optical retailers and as the author of Amazing Eyewear, an oversized coffee table book on true eyewear design.

With his inside information on what can make or break an optical brand, his fast network of almost 400 magazines, his crew of 36 professional industry influencers, and his ever-growing community, he knows how to best showcase your collection, to optical and fashion magazines, optical retailers and end consumers.

What Private Eye can do for you

Editorial support

As no other, we know how to approach magazines and provide them with ready-to-use content that will boost your press releases to a staggering amount of almost 400 magazines, both optical and fashion.

Industry influencers

We work with a crew of opticians and optometrists, who all run their own blog. Each month, one of these influencers can be hired to do a lifestyle photoshoot to showcase your brand to 300k eyecare professionals.

Printed publications

Apart from sending your press releases to the international press, we provide eyewear trend reports to multiple printed magazines on which frame designs match the upcoming trends for the next season.

Pre-event promotion

Prior to almost every optical tradeshow in the world, we publish an article on which brands optical retailers should not miss out on.

Post-event promotion

We visit almost every optical trade show in the world, where we can create face-to-face video interviews with the designers of your brands.

Direct mailing

We reach a large community of “independent opticians” which consider our newsletters “highly news whorthy”. This could be dedicated to your brand.

Make your stories better heard!

Great press coverage

It’s not that I invented all the things a brand needs to do to make it famous. It’s much more that I have seen the thing what NOT to do, which can surely make a difference!

Industry Experts

Influencers can make or brake your brand, but there are so many out there, and do they truly endorse your product or even understand it? We work with a group of 12 industry experts, who are all opticians or optometrists. They all have their own eyewear blog but love to do photoshoots with us, to help empower independent eyewear brands!

Explore Our Influencers

Be part of multiple trend publications 

Who sets the trends, well we do…

Pre-event promotion

Must-See brands

The international shows are the perfect place to showcase your latest designs, but these same shows are massive in both visiting retailers, and competing eyewear brands. How can you make optical retailers find or even “want” to find your booth?  Our “Must-See” publications might just do the trick..

Video interviews

While visiting every major optical show, we naturally interview the most innovative and amazing designers we can find, but naturally, we will surely have a little TEFtalk with clients of Private Eye PR.

Post-event promotions

We are here, to make your stories, better heard…