Pre-Event Promotions

Pre-Event Promotions

We have the privilege to visit most of the intentional optical tradeshows worldwide, whether it’s Silmo Paris, Vision Expo New York, or many of the other European, Asian, or African shows. And while visiting these shows, we are able to be on top of the latest designs from well-known brands or see the newest start-ups with their innovative product releases. By doing so, our peers are constantly looking forward to experiencing what we discover on these venues, or even more so, to learn if we can discover any upcoming trends.

Tradeshow brands, not to miss!

Must-See brands

The international shows are the perfect place to showcase your latest designs, but these same shows are massive in both visiting retailers, and competing eyewear brands. How can you make optical retailers find or even “want” to find your booth?  Our “Must-See” publications might just do the trick..

Prior to every show, we publish a report to our 300.000 followers on what brands they surely should not miss out on! These international shows are huge, and even we get lost in the corridors! Our curt, yet sincere articles on which brands optical retailers surely should not miss out, are a well-read and well-appreciated publications, and being part of them will always get you some additional visitors during these shows.

That is yet another service we can offer our clients for free!

What Private Eye can do for you

Editorial support

As no other, we know how to approach magazines and provide them with ready-to-use content that will boost your press releases to a staggering amount of almost 400 magazines, both optical and fashion.

Standard package
400 magazines

250$ per month

Industry influencers

We work with a crew of opticians and optometrists, who all run their own blog. Each month, one of these influencers can be hired to do a lifestyle photoshoot to showcase your brand to 300k eyecare professionals.

Additional package
300K optical retailers

250$ per shoot

Printed publications

Apart from sending your press releases to the international press, we provide eyewear trend reports to multiple printed magazines on which frame designs match the upcoming trends for the next season.

Free additional package
4.000 optical stores

Free for clients

Pre-event promotion

Prior to almost every optical tradeshow in the world, we publish an article on what brands optical retailers should not miss out on.

Free additional package
300K optical retailers

Free for clients

Post-event promotion

We visit almost every optical tradeshow in the world, where we can create face-to-face video interviews with the designers of your brands.

Free additional package
300K optical retailers

Free for clients

Package deals

We are here to support your brand, in any way we can. Combining multiple of our promotional options will give you a better price though.

It’s better by the bundle
300K optical retailers

Get the best price

Did we get your attention? Then reach out to us now, and allow us to make your brand go viral!